Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A quick armored battle

Finally got around to posting this. It should have come sooner. The next one will come sooner.

We decided to fight a quick all-armored battle to save a little time. The scenario was Hasty Attack, where the defender (me) has delayed and scattered reserves.

I took Panthers with a King Tiger out of SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper. Dave took Soviet armor with lots of T-34s and some assault guns.

Here is the report:

 Deployment. I hide in the woods near the objectives.
 Dave preps his T-34s for a massive bum rush.
 They advance. My King Tiger merely bails one out.
 The Panthers stay hidden, waiting for their chance.
 It's a wide open shot. The Tiger could have done better.
 The T-34s double-time 32 inches onto my left flank.
 They also come around to hook my Panthers on the right.
 I cause some casualties but there are always more Soviets.
 They eventually catch me on the flank and I lose some Panthers.
 I also ended up losing the King Tiger thanks  to some canny 85mm flank shots.
 The situation on both flanks looks somewhat grim.
 I desperately needed those reserves, but even they may not prove enough.
 There were a ton of destroyed tanks on both sides, but in the end I didn't have enough.
 The right objective ended up being the one that I couldn't contest.

I only had 4 platoons, of which only 2 were on the table. This spelled defeat when trying to cover 2 objectives. I also fell victim to the Bum Rush (patent pending) and simply got overwhelmed. Note to German tank designers: rear armor matters too!

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