Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back to the Front

Hey! My apologies for not posting for two months. Finals and AP exams can really eat up a lot of time. Now I'm back with a couple of battles against the soviets. I take a German tank force, mostly Panzer IIIs, but also Czech 38ts and some infantry, to attack the Soviet horde.
The Soviet horde in defense of the objective.
The German parking lot in anticipation of attacking the objective.
That's a lot more commies than Germans.
A different view. Man am I outnumbered.
We advance and fire, causing minor casualties.
The SU-85s pop out of ambush, destroying a tank.
An assault goes in, with heavy casualties suffered by both sides.
Three tanks down the drain. Not looking good for the German attack.
The SUs blow up another tank.
An infantry assault leaves the Germans pinned and the Russians largely dead.
More reinforcements show up to the German right. As if they are needed.
The unnecessary second echelon. I have lost the battle by this point. There are just too many Soviets.
Here are some pictures of our new tank smoke. We just wrapped some cotton around some electric candles and I think it looks pretty good. The pictures are somewhat digitally enhanced as it can be hard to get our basement dark enough for them to show up! They do show up nicely if you tilt your screen backwards.

Here is the second battle in this post. It is, fortunately, slightly longer. I take the same force and try to storm the Soviet positions again.
There was random deployment, but fortunately all my stuff ended up in about the same place.
The jumbled mass of communism digs in with some help from its wagon.
The objective can be hard to find under all those riflemen.
Shooting does some minor damage and inflicts a pin.
My damned tank is bogged down in the forest. Stupid good-for-nothing trees.
More kills. My infantry is remaining well concealed.
I get reserves on my left. Hopefully they kill the SUs.
The same tank unbailed, then rebailed. How frustrating.
More reinforcements come on my right, yet we do no more damage than we have been doing.
I brewed up two SUs in exchange for... one bail. Not how it's supposed to happen, but I'll take it.
The other infantry moves up.
My infantry moves up and causes some casualties.
Reinforcements show up on my right.
Fun stuff.
One tank rotates its turret to engage the new targets, while the other three are not operational.
The third SU is gone. Small victories.
Another tank bites the dust.
We are grinding them down, but not nearly fast enough.
This turn, they got mortars.
An assault by my infantry experiences unanticipated difficulties.
Now that I have almost nothing left on the field, I decide that it is time to throw in the towel.
A fun couple of battles, but there were just too many Soviets for me!