Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Veterans' Wars at the Local Club

Every November, my (relatively--it's still an hour away) local club runs a three day mini convention called Veterans' Wars, in honor of those who served. I went down on Saturday this year and played in a couple of games-- I tried to storm the American trenches in World War I, then I tried to attack Rorke's Drift as the Zulus. Both games were a lot of fun. Here are the pictures!
The Germans move up on the trenches after a deadly gas barrage.

In the next couple of turns, we will be in the trenches, hopefully.

On the other flank, tanks line up on either side of the trenches.

In the center, the assault on the MG bunker does not go well.
Now, the Americans have brought down artillery, on their men as well as ours. More detonated harmlessly on the hill behind us.
I have taken the trenches.
There is still plenty of hard fighting still to come.
At this point the battle is hard to call.
The Germans have made slight gains, but there is much still to do.
Now the Germans take the trenches on the other flank as well.
they have made two breaches in the line.
We attacked,  but we were beaten off.
The bunker still will not fall, no matter how much force we throw at it.
At this point the afternoon games were beginning, so we called it in favor of the Americans.
More time and we could have done it, I think. We were close.
Now, I take the Zulus and assault Rorke's Drift in the British Colonial era. The game is based on the movie Zulu!, and it is a fun and fast playing game designed by my father.
The Zulus first hit the compound. Only a couple fall.
We wounded a Brit and set the building on fire.
Now, we begin to circle around.
The British strip whole segments of the line.
We line up for hand to hand action on the rocky slope.
A view of the hospital. Some of those men will be in for a long time!
The British fall back in the face of the second wave.
Zulus converge on the kraal, then fall back.
We gear up for the third and final wave of Zulus.
Wounded men finally serve on the line.
The Zulus have been beaten back.
None left, and they are very likely to fail morale.

Both sides have been  greatly reduced in number. 34 British and untold numbers of Zulus have perished. The British have persevered, but not for the Zulus' want of trying. One more wave would hve done it.
These were a couple of good games. I may have lost both of them, but it's more fun to attack anyway.
I shall have a report or three up next month, but none more this month as I am headed to California for Thanksgiving!