Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shooting Satellites

I played some more war rocket. Now, I am trying to shoot down some satellites. We fought three battles with various forces, switching sides, and neat stuff. Here are the pictures.
Our setup.
One thing that made this scenario really hard was that the defenders, the Galacteers in this game, had more forces.
We move forward. One smaller ship on each side dies.
We go forward again, and one of my ships draws off the opposing small ships.
Another of my ships bites the red dust of Mars.
My one breakaway ship heads for the satellites, but with Galacteers in close pursuit.
Overkill much?
More of my ships go down now that the big Galacteers have reached the fight.
I have virtually nothing left.
One satellite goes down, but I have nothing left to kill the rest.
We call it at this point because there is no way that I could win this one.
Turn one of our second battle. The Galacteers infiltrate the Imperial lines.
Now my father is attacking, still with his Galacteers.
The small ships sprint to the satellites, and they have already knocked one out.
They wrong-footed my big ships, too.
Big ships are really hard to turn around, and that is becoming a liability.
Multiple sats down and the rest under threat. It doesn't look good.
I lost that one too. Galacteers seem to be better for this scenario.
Take three. This time, I am attacking with Galacteers. Hopefully, I fare a little better.
The imperial defense appears to favor big ships.
The small imperial ships do no meaningful damage.
The bigger ones do, though.
Student body hard right!
I am very outnumbered.
It's hard to avoid those big guns.
My bigger ships are, hopefully, good distractions.
All my ships appear to be dying.
Just one sat to go, though.
I did manage to get it, but I suffered horrendous casualties.
It was a fun but difficult series of battles. The first time, my problem was definitely in force composition, but after that, they were all hard fought battles.
I will have more War Rocket up next month!