Friday, December 27, 2013

Liberating Bazookastan

Remember those fearless Bazookastani halftrack drivers? Now, the US, under Dave's command, is assisting in liberating Bazookastan from the evil Germans, under my command. Besides, you can only refight similar battles so many  times before it becomes hard to come up with names.
I had 1750 points of German infantry, while my father had 1750 points of American armor.
The mission was Pincer. Two objectives were placed for me to defend. I have delayed reserves coming in on my flanks, hence the moniker "Pincer".
Here are the pictures.
Deployment. The Americans are in two main  groups, one for each objective. I am set up the same way.
After they advanced, I killed one tank with  my own tanks, who promptly Stormtroopered back into position.
The Americans advance into Bazookastan.
My tank positions. They are well-hidden behind the terrain.
The motor rifle gets close to the objective.
A successful assault overruns most of my positions on the right flank.
The tanks on  the other side of the battle kill a single stand. They don't assault due to my fearsome anti-tank weaponry.
Here we see the Bazookastani drivers proudly helping to recapture their homeland. The MGs in the halftracks are what kept me  from assaulting.
They got a panther!
I only have one team contesting the objective, and it's looking grim for him.
The Americans on the other flank have circled around, also bringing death to my Panther.
I have to do something in  the next turn to avoid the capture of my fuel dump...
Nothing but a small infantry platoon and two bailed-out tanks stand between Dave and victory.
After causing large-scale carnage, my forces are beaten back.
One of my panthers stayed bailed, while the other went to shoot Shermans off the objective. It wasn't enough.
A view from the other side. A narrow victory to the Americans.
           What I learned from this one is that infantry lists at 1750 get BIG (lots of stuff never made it on  the table), and also that balanced lists don't often win. If I could have had more on the table, including mortars and artillery, I would have been able to take back the objective.
           Also, US armor is finally viable with the book Blood, Guts, and Glory. We had 20 or 30 Shermans that never got used because they were bad. Now, with Jumbos and Easy Eights, they are a force to reckon with. Jumbos keep the tanks alive, and Easy Eights shoot very well, moving and firing without penalty. Both were proxied this game, sadly. We have had bad weather lately, so we can't get outside to prime the tanks for painting.
          Happy holidays, and see you again soon.