Saturday, August 17, 2013

Field of Glory

I believe several apologies are owed along with this post.
First, I need to apologize for not posting in a very long time. I haven't posted in three weeks.
Sadly, this will become a regular thing, because school starts on Monday, so I will have less time to play and less time to write.
This is not a typical battle report, either. I am hoping that this is the only time that'll happen.
It has twice as many pictures, and very little commentary.
Now, with no further adieu, Field of Glory!

My father had an early Roman force, pretty typical. Velites, Hastati, Princepes, Triarii., limited cavalry on the flanks.
I had a comparable Carthaginian force, with various types of infantry, a strong cavalry arm, and elephants.

Here are the pictures, spanning 8 turns. That weird piece of terrain in the corner is a vineyard. Deployment was typical. Infantry in the middle, cav on the flanks.
Tactics were also typical.
I hope to anchor my forces against the hill and outflank the Roman battle line with cavalry.
After two turns of skirmishing, not much has happened.
The clash of cavalry on the left flank.
Field of Glory being not quite as universal as Warhammer or Flames of War, here is the rulebook.
The battle lines clash. They roll LOTS of dice.
My cavalry appears to be winning on both flanks.
All those dice and almost nothing happened.
The left flank becomes chaotic.
The Libyphoenikian cavalry breaks, and the Spaniards get close.
Combat is still uneventful.
The left flank is not the happiest.
The rest of my pictures disappeared, but over the next couple of turns, my infantry disintegrated, so I lost the game.
I lost, 5 to 7 lost stands, but it went better than expected for my first game. The elephants were good, but the rest of my cavalry flopped. My father had better infantry than I did as well, so I just couldn't win anywhere. In the next couple of days, I will have another report up detailing the results of my German infantry against the American motor rifle in preparation for TactiCon.