Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Saga of a Duel

I decided to play some Saga for you this week. The game is a little shorter, but then I can't play 5- or 6- hour games every week, right?

I took Vikings while Dave took Anglo-Danes. We both took pretty typical forces, ignoring lighter levy troops in favor of the heavier warriors and hearthguard.

We originally rolled the scenario Battle of the Ford. However, we had set up the table without a river to ford, so we substituted the closest thing we had:
A model Ford F-150! Pardon the pun.

Seriously though, we re-rolled and came up with a mission where our warlords duel in the middle of a soon-to-be-swirling melee. Here are the pictures:

 We set up in opposing shieldwalls across a village.
 Our warlords are locked in combat in the middle.
 Our forces advance. My berserkers rush to get into the fight.
 Combat draws inexorably closer.
 I lose three Hearthguard doing some minor damage to the enemy warlord.
 The clash of shieldwalls is imminent.
 The Danish warlord lets his warriors take hits for him! The coward!
 Serious blood is shed this turn. I lose my berserkers to do a ton of damage to the enemy warlord.
 My warlord bravely stares down many enemy soldiers.
 My warriors come up to support my warlord.
 This they do successfully, pushing the enemies away from me!
 We grind each others' forces down with shocking efficiency.
 My troops advance in a surprisingly bloodless turn of events.
 My warriors are outnumbered and outclassed by Dave's hearthguard.
 My left flank is Intimidated into inaction.
 My warriors evaporate, but not without doing some damage in return.
 My warlord could be in serious jeopardy.
 We call in Loki's tricks to eliminate the Danish warriors, and my warrior (singular) fights valiantly against the hearthguard.
 As our men get massively fatigued (the chickens) my warlord hangs on.
 My warriors watch on, intimidated, as the game ends.

As neither of our warlords wound up dead, I won by having one single fewer point of damage on my warlord.

This was a fun (and much quicker) game. I'm glad I won, although I think I could have done it more convincingly if Dave hadn't immobilized my warriors on the left. My Viking ability to resist fatigue and deal extra damage when I had to (barely) won the game for me there.

I look forward to having another report up for you in the next week or two.

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